Sunday, July 27, 2008

Commencing Countdown, Engines On...

Only two weeks from now, at this exact time of day, Chris and I will be riding off into the sunset (or, um, midday sunshine) in a bicycle rickshaw as man and wife!
But until then, we have a lot of work and stress ahead of us.
We've taken many strides in the right direction in the past week, though. We've finished the flooring everywhere downstairs except the bathroom, and put most of the base cabinets into the wall. I myself finally got taught how to use the miter saw and the jigsaw, so I got to do a large part of the kitchen flooring myself while Chris prepared a sermon for today. My lovely father has been over working hard for us, too, along with some of his employees, and they've painted our living room and put in baseboard and door trim, among many other details.
Chris and I finally found a time where we could go down to the Jefferson County Courthouse and get our marriage license. I have a very fancy paper in my possession now, just waiting for our signatures. I think in the state of Colorado, we'd basically just have to sign it and we could be married, but of course we'll wait for the day and the pastor and all the trimmings. =)
It's been really surreal for me to take a step back, look around, and realize all the things I do in a day that I'll soon be doing for the last time as a single woman. Things like brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed will seem solemn and ritualized for the next couple weeks, as I do them for the last time alone in my father's house.
I've started to think about what kind of wife I'll be, and if I'll be any good at it. I've thought about a few years down the line, what our marriage will look like, will there be children, and will they be cute like their parents? Ha ha. It's such a bewildering experience to count down the days of singleness, realizing (and praying!) that they will never come again. The next two weeks will bring my last week of work until I'm back from my honeymoon. It will bring many friends and relatives from afar, all descending on Denver for our big day. I'm the most excited to see all of my sisters and my brother in one place again, and also to meet my sister Rebecca's boyfriend Justin, whom she has been dating for quite awhile while she's been at sea. Then there's all the Australians, traveling farthest of all to see me, and I'm just so excited I could pop!
It's going to be a marriage, a reunion and a great party all in one day, and Chris and I will be at the vortex of it all, trying to keep our heads and not vomit with happiness (and nerves!). God help us!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weddings and Remodels and Summer, Oh My...

So, I realize that the last time I wrote a blog was late May.
I also realize I have probably a grand total of 5 readers (hi Kev!), so probably not that many people miss me, but here I am again, regardless!
Soooo, wedding planning is time consuming, sure. But what will get you is when you try to remodel the entire bottom floor of your future house simultaneously!
Chris and I had the brilliant idea that we would not only rip out all the carpets and put in new laminate flooring, but we would also get rid of all those pesky old cabinets and make the kitchen a nicer place to cook in. (Good for making your new wife happier about preparing your meals...)
So now poor Christopher is living in a construction zone with possible defective flooring (about a literal half ton of it) and partially constructed cabinets strewn about, while I languish away in a house with my dad and new roommate, which is becoming increasingly bachelor-ized with each passing day. (Note to roommate: not even an industrial dishwasher is supposed to clean off a peanut buttery knife all on its own!)
This summer is very interesting, as a result, as Chris takes on more responsibilities at work and I wonder how I'm ever going to commute 20 miles each way making what I do and with gas prices being what they are. How are we going to make time for each other when we're married and have all this "stuff" to do separately? How are we going to live if the house isn't done by the time we get back from our honeymoon? Where is the wedding planning in all of this mess? Who am I, where am I, and why is there a chicken strapped to my waist??!!
But I'm not freaking out. I'm rather calm. When my world is so topsy-turvy, I can't help but just step away, take a deep breath, and use that breath to exhale a prayer to our Father who cares about my well-being. He doesn't need to, because He's got a lot of other world problems to think about, but my Father will make sure the house gets done in due time. He cares about priming and texturing, and He cares about our laminate flooring. He's also given us people who care for the things we do, and who are willing to do something about it.
For all of this: wedding, remodels and summer, I am thankful.