Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Catch-up

I've been MIA with little to say in the past couple months. My brain has been working overtime, but I just haven't had the chance to sit and reflect and write anything down. 

Since late March, my family has dealt with thyroid cancer (all gone now!), IRS audit (still feeling the sting), car troubles (thankfully we had a teensy bit of money left over from the audit!), more cancer cropping up in other family members, adjusting to living with friends, turning 29 (me, that is), taking up seeing again and a bunch of other regular life events! 

I found a fun little way to play catch-up for any interested parties, so here goes!

Listening - to my little one learn his letters, numbers, and a mess of new words! Very cool.

Loving - living with friends, having a cancer-free husband, SEWING!

Thinking - about the amazing sermon I heard this morning, new developments at Ballet SJ, and crafty projects

Wanting - all my friends and family to be magically healthy

Needing - lunch


Until next time!