Saturday, September 06, 2008


Just wanted to write an update for my thronging readers (hee hee).
I'm married and I am LOVING it. God really knew what He was doing when he brought Christopher into my life. I have found a wonderful person, and I won't waste time trying to find superlatives to describe him or our relationship. Suffice to say, we're in love and we're blessed, and that's all I can ask for!
I've moved up to Wheat Ridge, which hasn't been as tough as I originally thought. Some of my favorite things and people are still entirely too far away for my taste, but with the way the modern world runs, there are still all the same kinds of places one suburb up as there are in Lakewood. So besides the huge decision to move from King Soopers to Safeway, things really haven't been that difficult. I adjust fairly well, anyway, so moving is rarely tough for me.
Chris is working full time and going to school twice a week at nights. That's a little difficult for me because I'm only working about 25 hours, however I have had lots of time to get the house in order. It desperately needed to be transformed from bachelor pad/construction zone into a HOME. So, with my feminine touch, I have nearly succeeded. The extra time at home has actually been helpful for me to find my footing faster as mistress of the house. I think they call this "nesting".
Work is going well. We've just started our new fall schedule, so I'm still just barely getting started on that. New curriculum, new classes, new kids. It's all good, just a little scary starting out. I know I'll be fine, but there's nothing like the fear of failure to keep your job exciting! =)
Chris and I are both concentrating on keeping Sabbath these days. We're going through a book called Keeping the Sabbath Wholly by Marva J. Dawn (what a name!). So our Sundays are not spent in the normal yuppie fashion of errands, cleaning, remodeling or renovating. We go to church, read, drink hot beverages, play games, visit with friends, and maybe cook a meal if it is not too stressful. I can already feel the calming effect that a day of rest has had on me. I am less angry on the long commute to work!
That's about all I have to report. The wedding was gorgeous and the honeymoon was lovely. If anyone hasn't seen photos, just let me know and I can send you a link. If you're reading this on Facebook, just click under my photo albums to see them!