Friday, May 02, 2014

Breaking the Silence

Hello readers!!

I left off with a series on essential oils and a promise of more good things...and then there was radio silence.

You know how bad/trying/life-changing things happen in threes? Yeah, I've had one of those kind of months in April. As the Fresh Prince so eloquently put it, "my life got flip-turned upside-down."

One of the exciting things I can share with you from the past month, which many of you will already know, is that we are expecting another little one at the end of this year!

You can't really make much out, but there's a strong little heartbeat there!
So that's pretty fantastic. I read a lot about essential oils and pregnancy. Many sources warn against using them at all in the first trimester, and there are definitely a few you should avoid altogether, as they cause uterine contractions or what-have-you. We wouldn't want that until right at the very end! However, since I have pretty much forsworn any OTC medications, I have been using my oils a bit, diluting them appropriately for pregnancy, especially for a lot of the tummy upset and nausea that comes along with first trimester.
Suffice to say, DigestZen has been my VERY best friend. A few of the other oils I haven't been able to use simply because I've all the sudden become horribly sensitive to smells (thanks little fetus!). Hopefully one day that will subside and I won't associate those smells with feeling ill! 

Besides fostering new life, there have been many, many changes with work and family. Adjusting to them all while nauseous and exhausted has been no picnic, honestly. I don't remember being this tired the first time around...then again, I didn't have a toddler to care for then, either! However, as long as everyone is healthy and relatively happy, I'm a happy camper. And they are! 

And another thing, today is my 30th birthday! That's a hard one to believe. But a good note to end on. I think my husband and I will go have a classic mini golf/arcade date tonight while our little one is looked after by my awesome family. 

Here's hoping I'll be able to shake this first trimester nausea cloud soon and get back to writing more here!