Friday, May 11, 2012

Are YOU Mom Enough?

So, of course this Time magazine cover and article is riling everyone up. I've already been posting some responses to some visceral reactions on Facebook, but I figured out, Wait a minute...due to the magic of internet, I actually have my very own sparsely read forum on which to post my opinions!! Ha ha, welcome to the blogosphere. 

(So, basically this is a reprinting of some of my previously written comments, slightly expanded for blog form, complete with generated internet memes! Huzzah!!)

Everything about that article and that cover was made to rile people up. And it worked! The whole "Are you mom enough?" thing will piss a bunch of people off, as will the "provocative" photos of mothers breast feeding their kids. There is science being flung around all over the place, where "studies show" this and "well my mom did" that. 

There is no right answer, people. Motherhood is like art!!! Pay attention to your own painting/dance/drama/tragedy/song...and high five all the other moms who are doing their thing well.

I'm just really tired of moms attacking one another and acting like some know better than others. Okay, if I happen to see you doing jello shots off your child's tummy or dangling them out of windows, etc... I would probably call CPS. But if it isn't abusive, it's the parent's choices. It makes me sad how angry we get at one another. Work, stay home, breast feed til age 20 or formula straight outta the womb, sleep together, sleep apart, organic vs's all up to the care-giver. We are all moms and we are all in this together!!! Now let's all join hands and sing Kumbaya!

Got it?! 
Now, it's Mother's Day on Sunday!! Y'all get along and stop hating on each other!

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Well said my friend !