Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have been in many a stressful situation lately. My life seems to be moving rather fast, and I feel like I don't have time to sit and reflect on anything. I feel like I am only able to react to whatever comes at me, and then move on. I'm not used to this!
I've taken lately, however, to praying a lot more about everything and anything. If I am not able to handle it, I certainly know that God is! So I hand directly over to him anything that begins to stress me out. I pray out loud, I cry; I do whatever it takes to make my needs known, even though He already knows exactly what they are.
Then I read something in Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost For His Highest" about being child-like before God. I always thought that meant sweet and innocent. But I think I am learning more the real meaning of child-likeness as I go through life, and especially as I work with children every day.
The thing about children is this: they are not necessarily so sweet and innocent. But they have something going for them that many adults don't: they trust their parents without reserve. They make their needs known by crying out to their Mom or Dad, knowing that their needs will be met. Would that we could always be like that with God! I have found that this works. Audacious, child-like prayers are what God wants to hear. We realize that we are indeed still the child, so we don't demand without respect, but rather we ask in total trust that we will be taken care of. It's so easy, only a child would have thought of it!


Crystal said...

Great insight!

paul said...

Those are some good thoughts, Cassie! Thinking in this way about our relationship with God perhaps places the role of parents in a different light: Instead of the goal of parenting being to raise children who are wholly independent and autonomous, we should strive to raise children who, through their dependence and obedience to their parents, learn to become dependent and obedient to the Lord.

Still, it seems there is a significant difference between what it means to become mature in relation to our human parents and what it means to mature in relation to God. I guess every analogy breaks down somewhere....

Kevin J said...

I hear ya kiddo!

I have been praying my whole day away these days. Sometimes its out of desperation and other times its out of the excitement of being fortunate enuf to remember to take the time to do it and be with Our Father.

Speaking of that. I read yesterday that Jesus established once and for all the true nature of our relationship with Him as being His kids by starting out the Lords prayer with the words "Our Father"

Clearly, we are all brothers and sisters under His perfect care. We are all children of God, and God is perfect Good.

My desire is to trust him as perfectly as I am able to demonstrate today, and when I fall short, tell you guys the truth and allow Him to work thru you all to help me find my way back to The Path.


Ashley Nay said...

wow that is totally what god has been showing me! Plus when you dont worry about things and lean on him your saying he is god and you are not. Maybe some of my problem is i forget my role i think i am the parent not the child.... oh but for the grace of God. Great Blog!!!

Casey Raquel said...

Cassie! Amen sista! hey...I added you to my friends list on my blog page! you rock! Love ya!