Thursday, May 01, 2008

100 Days of Singleness


That had nothing to do with anything except that I was glad to beat Paul (although Paul, that was my second time. First time I totally blanked and didn't get how the thing worked, but I took the second time directly after, with no cheating.)


Yes, I have a mere 100 days until I get to marry Chris and become Mrs. Tenny. I was mentioning to Chris yesterday that I should probably be savoring these last days of being single, but mostly I'll just be happy to live in the same house as him and have someone to come home to every night. The very best part is that "someone" will be the man that God planned for me to marry, so that's always good.

Meanwhile, we are getting through the beginning phases of wedding planning alright. There has been stresses here and there, and some tears on my part, but things have smoothed out already. I'm not anticipating that finalizing the guest list will be any kind of walk in the park, but I'm prepared for conflict. I'm prepared to not demand my own way, because although the guest list will be an essential element of the wedding day, it will NOT be an essential element to a happy and long-lasting marriage. We must continue to keep all things in the proper perspective. And really, anytime that Chris and I anticipate conflict, it rarely arises. It's so interesting how much more we get along than even we expect of ourselves.

I've got my dress picked out, both venues booked, the wedding website up and running (, wedding invitations designed, we've got our preliminary guest lists written and colors picked for the ceremony and reception, Chris has the officiant picked and notified, counseling to begin in the next few weeks, far away guests notified, and I think that's all for now. This weekend we'll finalize the guest list and invitation wording, and we might even get to start thinking about where we want to register for gifts! We haven't even been engaged for two weeks, so I think we're rather right on track.

So that's where we're at. We're more in love than ever, and I'll just comment that I think there's something to be said about change of status going from "Dating" to "Engaged". There's definitely a huge shift in attitude and direction (obviously), and I think that it affects the relationship in so many interesting ways. We are able to (and will have to) talk about things and consider things that wouldn't have been appropriate to discuss or consider before I had a ring on my finger. It's all new and exciting, and I'm just pumped about starting my married life in 100 days and counting!


clb said...

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that we also have hired the cutest photographer around: Shauntelle Sposto all the way from Long Beach, CA!
Check her out:

paul said...

The title somehow reminded me of those "spiritual journey" campaigns that churches do: 40 Days of Purpose, 40 Days to a More Generous Life, and so forth.

I'm glad to hear that the wedding planning has calmed down and that, although there are some challenges still to be met, you guys are moving forward with the whole event in perspective.

Megan said...

49 Oh yeh! I knew I'd be bad at this cause even though I'm okay with countries, I'm SOOO bad at remembering names of ANYTHING under pressure! I could reel off my classmates from school and after only 10 or 15 I'd be like "Um what was that chick's name?" and she'd be like one of my best mates! Ha. I mean I forgot every African country bar 3 and I know so many NOW when there's NO PRESSURE. That was FUN, Cass!