Monday, October 13, 2008

away from judgment

I'm attempting to leave harsh judgment of my fellow human beings behind.
I thought I wasn't judgmental. I thought I was open-minded.
Perhaps compared to some people, I was.
But compared to the way that my biggest hero viewed people, I am a bigot and Pharisee.
I apologize if this ever affected any of you. I love you and want to know you more for who you really are. I am attempting a shift in my life.
Pray for me!

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Kevin J said...

Hello Mrs. Tenny!

I appreciate the post and the topic in it.

I believe that judgment is misunderstood. We all need to make judgments of many kinds everyday. As you wisley pointed out, you said you need to watch out for "harsh" judgement. How can we not look at murder or some other wrong doing and not judge it? Its when we sit and stew on it harshly that we are in danger.

I believe the key is to stay away from condemning others. Everyone has the opportunity to "turn the other cheek" and look towards Our Heavenly Father for redemption. Thats why what is true for me is that after I see what someone has done, I say to myself "that was wrong" but then I examine my own frailty and forgive them as I want to be forgiven. When the wrong pops back in to my thoughts again, I repeat the process. Most difficulties can be overcome quickly, but the big ones of course take a while longer. I am grateful for the "big ones" tho because they have taken so much more effort that they have made me more efficient at forgiveness!

Stay ever watchful and smack down the small ones AS SOON AS THEY OCCUR. It has been noted that when a camel gets its nose in to a tent, unless it is whacked firmly and quickly, it is going to come in. Apparently it is actually true that they cannot turn around. Once they are in the tent they make a big mess! The same holds true in our thought life. When the thought of harsh judgment takes hold, until we turn away from it in prayer, it makes a bigger and bigger mess.