Friday, January 23, 2009

Promise Keepers

This morning I was reading in the Bible about King David and how God promises him that he will never be forgotten and that his name and house will be great forever. I thought to myself, "I'm reading about him. Nearly everyone I know at least knows about him. God kept His promise!" And that is exactly what I was going to write about in this blog.

However, then I stumbled upon a headline that read "Obama to lift international abortion funding ban" and I yelled aloud, "WHAT?" Talk about keeping your promises.

I'm going to be very open and transparent with everyone here. This past election was a very difficult one for me, because by casting the vote that I did, and even by allying myself with the political party that I did, I felt like I was doing many things against type. I found myself in the rather childish and odd situation of trying to excuse myself to everyone. The commentary in my head ran like this: "I'm registering Democrat (Sorry Kev), but I'm not voting for Hillary (sorry Aunt Chris and other hopeful women of the US) because I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. I'm going against my conscience just a little bit (sorry conscience) in voting for Barack Obama (at least my generation will think I did the right thing) because of his very liberal views on abortion (sorry evangelical tradition and all the unborn babies of the world)."

In the end, Barack Obama at least is posturing himself to fulfill many of his campaign promises. I don't know what the heck he plans to do about the economy, and I doubt he's going to buy you a new house, Aunt Chris, or pay for my boss' $25,000 oral surgery. But he is probably going to try. Do I value his integrity? Yes I do. Am I filled with joy and pride when I look at the black community and see how filled with joy and pride they are at this election? Yes I am. Can I still feel some remorse about the abortion issue without saying that I think I was wrong to vote for Barack Obama?

Yes, I can.

Now enjoy this hilarious video courtesy of my friend Jared's roommates.

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CK said...

Hello darlin girl...first off, you can vote for whoever you want and you can do so unapologetically. In this country we have that right. Second, at least you thought your decision through. In any election we usually have to compromise. I couldn't vote for him because I did not like the way he came to be, no accomplishments and how he used folks to even pay for his college tuition. That was big for me given that his District 13 in Chicago really is pathetic and those poor people live in squalor. The "buy" the house bit was a play off of a crying fan of his at the convention who said, "Obama is going to buy me a house and put gas in my car." She was crying her eyes out she was so happy that he was going to rescue the poor. I was also upset with the films I saw of the Obama people at the caucauses, locking other than Obama voters out. It was inevitable that Obama would win this election though, given GWB's 8 years. You know I am a die hard (former) Democrat, but he was too controversial for me. But like I said, we have the right to chose who we want to cast our vote for and I am just happy that you took part in the process. :-)