Monday, December 03, 2012

Keeping Up

I've lived in quite a few places in my life. One year of elementary school, I moved schools five times. FIVE. In one year.

Luckily, by the grace of God, and not my oddly awkward people skills, I tended to make friends and acquaintances fairly easily. Maybe it was a coping mechanism so that I could just be a chameleon and blend in. Although that is kinda hard to do when you are the redheaded, freckled perpetual new girl.

Lakewood (CA), Long Beach (CA), Sydney (Aus.), Denver (CO). These are the places I have called my home, among others. These are places that hold a spot in my heart. But more than that, people reside in these places that I loved dearly, and now in addition to loving them, by virtue of distance, I get to miss them terribly, too.

Making friends might have been easy, but now keeping up with my beloved friends who are scattered all over the globe is quite the task. Thank God for Facebook, I don't care what anyone says to the contrary!

Now that I am a wife and mother and church-planter and ministry partner, keeping up with friends sometimes seems to fall by the wayside. I've got a best friend who lives an hour away whose due date is today. I miss her! I've got a fantastic sister in Christ who also lives an hour away and is pregnant and enjoying the wonders of the second trimester...less nausea, starting to show, and starting to pick out names! I miss her. I've got a best friend in Australia who just had her second little one and is about to spend a week away from her husband. I miss her. I've got friends who have recently moved away, family who live multiple states away, friends 10,000 miles away across oceans...the modern world allows for so much free movement that it is difficult to follow where everyone is or where they are going. But I do miss them.

My friends, far and wide, you are in my heart, my thoughts and when you come to mind, my prayers. We may not get to talk every day or even every week. BUT. You are all a part of my life, and I love you!

And many more... xoxo


Samantha Freestone. said...

miss you too bestie

tia said...

hug and love and hug and love.

miss you tons. we were just talking about calvin yesterday, too! <3

JLTan said...

My daughter went through three in one year, and I thought that was many enough. Five is a greater number. Hope you are coping well. May God bless you.