Monday, November 17, 2008

The High Fidelity Game -or- How Opposites Attract

So, Chris and I were having Friday date night this past weekend, and since it was freezing outside and we had plans for a movie on Saturday, we didn't really want to go outside or see a movie and we were both a little too tired to play Risk or Backgammon or anything like that.
So my brilliant husband came up with something for us to do that was quite telling. He called out, "Okay, top 5 albums of your senior year of high school. Go." It was fun because we didn't just list them. We had to kind of explain them, and then play a sample song from the album for the other, so that they could get a sense of it. I thought the striking differences in our album choices were hilarious. Keep in mind that Chris was not a Christian yet, AND he wants you all to know that he graduated in the 90s in a weird time for music. But here are the lists in all their glory. (Keep in mind that these are representative of our lives at the time, and these albums did not necessarily come out in that same year or anything.)

Cassie - Top 5 Albums of My Senior Year of High School - 2002
1. Beck - Odelay
2. Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister
3. Cardigans - Life
4. Fiona Apple - When the Pawn...
5. Jennifer Knapp - Kansas

Chris - Top 5 Albums of My Senior Year of High School - 1996
1. Nine Inch Nails - Downward Spiral
2. Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
3. Stabbing Westward - Wither Blister Burn and Peel
4. Smile - Marquee
5. Rage Against the Machine - Self titled


Megan said...

I would never remember. How can you remember?

clb said...

You can't think back to a time that you and Gerd and Sam were all together in the car, singing along to some song? Or what you listened to at night to help you fall asleep. Or even a song that reminded you of some boy you once liked?
My entire life revolved (revolves) around a Cassie soundtrack!
I remember I was obsessed with Beck in high school. Belle and Sebastian and that particular Cardigans album were introduced to me by my best friend at the time Dan, whom I spent nearly every waking moment with. Fiona Apple was my angry outlet after Alanis let us all down by falling in love. You get the picture.

Kevin J said...

Alas, no Steve Morse on the list. (he writes with a tear rolling out of his eye. I kid I kid!)

clb said...

Not so fast, Kev!
We also made a list of Top 5 Songs that remind you of people you love...and Modoc made the list there. =)
Not kidding!

Kevin said...

Sweet song it is indeed. I knew you weren't kidding wiothout you ever saying so. I'm going to go play it right now. Thanks kiddo.