Friday, January 25, 2013

Movin' On Up!

So, we signed the lease last night on our shiny new 4 bedroom, 2 bath rental house! Well, it's shiny new to us, anyway. 

Some things I am desperately looking forward to at the new place:

1. My child will have his own room and will not have to live in our living room. 
2. DISHWASHER! Visions of empty sinks dance in my head! And counter space, glorious counter space! And while we're at it...a garbage disposal (no, our current place does not have one...)
3. Washer and dryer that I don't have to put quarters into! 
4. Front yard! Back yard! Covered deck!
5. Fireplace!
6. Not worrying about parking and which day is street sweeping on which side of the street, etc... and hauling my stroller, kid and all my bags up and down three flights of stairs. 
7. Garage with so much storage, and an extra fridge and freezer (good when sharing a place with four adults and a toddler).

Some things that I will actually really miss about this place:

1. Living downtown...right in the heart of it all, two blocks away from my work, easy walking access to pretty much anything I could ever want or need. Close to our downtown church plant. Moving to the suburbs was never really in my plan, but hey...plans change!
2. Living in an old Victorian. Sure, it's quirky and outdated, but it has so much character and charm!
3. My sweet walk-in pantry
4. Claw foot tub
5. Really big bedroom...our bedroom in the new place will literally be for the bed. That's pretty much it.
6. The apartment where we brought home our first born baby boy. There are really good memories here. 

I don't have any photos of the new place to share yet, but I anticipate so many wonderful memories to be made there, too. 

I feel like moving in with friends is one of those things that everyone raises an eyebrow at, putting it on par with discussing religion or politics in mixed company, or co-signing a friend's car loan. However, I feel it is one of those things like when we took our toddler on a cross-country road trip from Nor. Cal. to Denver. People said it couldn't be done! People said it shouldn't be done! People said even if you do it, you won't like it! But you know what?! All those people were wrong! I knew it in my gut then, and I know it now. This is gonna be great. 

And now, to pack!

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