Monday, January 21, 2013


Well, I've been neglecting the blog in the New Year again...hard to force myself to come up with witty things to write about, so I just don't. You're welcome, world!

However, there are a few things I've been thinking and musing about. They're a little random.

First on my mind is my poor baby who has a temp of 103.2! Yikes. We've given him meds and I'm trying to get him to hydrate so hopefully that comes down soon.

Secondly, I understand that companies don't want their employees to wear their scary piercings and have visible tattoos and all that, but surely you could let the guy at Michael's keep his giant plugs in his ears. It is WAY more disturbing to see his mangled earlobes swinging around than it would be to see a guy with giant plugs! (I told you this was a random post!)

Lastly and most hugely, I'm thinking about apartments and houses. Specifically, the thought of sharing space with another couple or family. Some people think we're crazy, but I think it could actually work and work well to pool resources and live in community with Christian brothers and sisters.

Also, the thought of being missional and actually living in the community where we have come to do ministry. LUCKILY (ahem, not...) we chose two of the more expensive places in San Jose (downtown and Willow Glen) to do ministry, so that's going well. Ugh.

It's difficult to reconcile being missional and trusting that God will provide with being good stewards of our money that He's already given us and realistic as to what we can actually afford. Balancing faith and reason is always a big struggle.

What about you? Have you ever entertained the thought of communal living? And what do you think about mangled earlobes on Michael's employees? (Just kidding.)

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