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Breathe Easy - Essential Oils for the Chest and Back

Essential Oils Head to Toe - The CHEST & BACK

Thanks for sticking with me on this one, people! Or if you're just joining us, welcome. This is the fifth in a health series about my experiences with essential oils and oil blends. If you're interested, you can go back and read the Intro post, and the ones about the FACE, HEAD and NECK. Or you can continue on to today's topic, the CHEST and BACK!!

Now, in the previous post I let you know about the yucky cold or bug of some kind that infected our family for a few days. Sorry to say that my little one (2.5 years old) got it too (boo!). I had already been putting OnGuard Protective Blend on the bottoms of his feet every day, because he goes to a friend's house four days a week who watches him while I go to work. She's got three kids and knowing what germ factories kids can be (cute ones!), I didn't want mine to be Agent Zero for some horrible disease that would spread to her brood. Alas, it got us anyway. The great thing is that she uses OnGuard, too, so besides a short coughing stint, none of her kids got sick from mine. 

My precious little germ factory, filthy as usual.

However, we're here to talk about the CHEST, so that was just an introduction to say that once he was already sick and stuffy and coughing and congested, I loved the relief it gave him when I slathered his chest, neck and upper back in dōTERRA's Breathe Respiratory blend. I do a drop or two of Breathe and about a teaspoon or so of Fractionated Coconut oil to dilute it, since my little guy is small. I believe the general rule is one drop pure oil to 1 tsp carrier oil when the child is under six years old, and even more diluted for babies. I have used it on myself with a carrier oil too, simply so I could spread it over a larger portion of my body. It is very akin to a topical salve or ointment you would usually use for a cough, but without all the extra additives or carriers. You can find ingredients and other uses at, which is an invaluable online resource that I highly recommend whether you're just starting out or you just are curious to learn more about these oils. 

Another top seller for doTERRA is Deep Blue. I'll start this one off by saying that my husband does CrossFit, so he is my main guinea pig with this one, as it is supposed to work really well on joint and muscle pain. It is a lovely rub and feels quite amazing on, due to the peppermint and wintergreen it contains. My husband said it felt nice on and of course loved the back rub that came with it. I asked him to reciprocate with an upper back rub as I had been suffering from super-tight muscles to the point of pain in my upper back and neck. He gave me a nice short massage and it eased it a bit, then I watched some "Breaking Bad" and went to bed. The next morning I woke up with no pain, but was so pain-free that I didn't even notice it until the next evening!! Haha. Last night we had a toddler in our bed, so I have a major crick in my neck this morning. Cannot wait to get some Deep Blue on that crick and banish it for the day!

Today's Chest "Believe it or Not" story is about Clary Sage, an oil which I have not gotten my hands on myself...yet! I've heard it is miraculous for "lady problems" and that while it cannot make your breasts CAN tighten and firm them. What natural breasts don't need a little of that after awhile, amiright?! Hey, no shame in trying! ;) Read about it on

PS Remember, if you have specific questions about oils, leave me a comment and I will tell you what I know! And as always, there's my site if you're ready to purchase some oils for yourself to try them out. A reminder that you can sign up for the Preferred Member program and get 20% off everything you buy from doTERRA for just a $10 one-time lifetime membership fee! To find out more, leave me a comment. Thanks!

This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition. This information is simply the personal experience and opinion of one very satisfied small-time blogger!

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