Saturday, March 01, 2014

Just Remember This

Today is the final day of the 30 Day Challenge.

I hope my kiddos have learned something new and interesting about who their mom is, and it has also been a good goal-setting (or maybe goal-clarifying?) exercise for me. All this stuff about looking into the future and telling my hopes and dreams has served to solidify a few things that have lingered in my heart. It felt good to get them out in the open so that maybe I can be more intentional in working toward them!

Today's final blog post is supposed to be comprised of me listing 10 things I'd like to be remembered for. I tried to think of a few things, perhaps being a good mom or being a cool pastor's wife, but they kind of seemed self-serving. 

I guess in the end, the legacy I want to leave is one of a faithful life; trying to be as faithful to my God as He has been to me. What if the Lord never sends me more children? What if we live our lives barely being able to make rent in this valley until the day we die? What if Daddy's cancer comes back or I get sick or even you? While all of it may be heartbreaking, I would hope that it would never truly shake my faith in God's goodness and sovereignty. I wish to be remembered as a woman who lived boldly by God's strength right up until the end. 

And speaking of ends, thus endeth the 30 Day Challenge! 

I'll be starting a new series tomorrow that I hope people will join me for, and love and learn from:

Thanks for reading!

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