Friday, February 21, 2014

Squinting Into the Future

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 10? 15 years?

I actually like how this question is phrased because it doesn't say anything about a plan that you have, but more like squinting into the future and having a fun guess. Of course these will be based on desires I have hidden in my heart... Which will now be revealed!!

5 years
In five years I will be 35 years old. You will be seven and your younger sibling (who doesn't quite exist yet) will be four. You will both be in school, probably public school unless the homeschooling bug hits me really hard before then. I see us still living somewhere in San Jose; who knows but that we will have stuck it out in this same roomy apartment?
Maybe Daddy will have gotten a raise or two because Dwell has grown and maybe we are finally getting close to a down payment on a place with more than two rooms. 
My days will be free because you're both in school, so what will I do with my time? Work? Be creative? Probably a little bit of both, knowing me. Hey, we might even have saved up enough for a second car!

10 years
In ten years, I will be 40 years old, you will be 12 and your little sibling would be about 9. I'll be doing all kinds of shuttling y'all around because you'll be in middle school and the little one will be in grade school. 
We'll be more financially stable, able to give more to causes we care about, and also to start seriously contemplating adoption FINALLY! You'll probably find me poring over county adoption websites and crying a lot because I can't take all the children home with me. You'll be used to this sort of behavior by now.
Maybe you'll gain a couple siblings all at once, maybe siblings in their own right who are about 5 and 7. We'll have a house/condo/apartment big enough to squeeze us all in.
Dwell will have a thriving kids ministry at this point, and hopefully will have settled at a comfortable threshold of about 200 to 250 people. We might even have a new building to worship in, but the old one will do if it's still standing!

15 years 
In 15 years, I'll be 45, and Dad will have crossed over into the other side of 50! We'll be close to the ages my parents are now. You'll be closing in on 18 years old and hopefully your high school graduation, with your siblings tagging along behind you at 14, 12 and 10. So I'll still be shuttling kids around even while my first baby is getting ready to leave the nest!
It's difficult for me to even squint this far into the future. Will we be in San Jose? Will the Lord have called us somewhere else? Will Daddy have stuck it out in ministry this long? Will mommy be working? And if so, what will I do? I guess this one has more questions than answers. Suffice to say, planning ahead has never been my strong point.
But one thing is sure...the God we serve is always good, always strong, always with us. I am not nervous or apprehensive about the future because He's there! We are never promised anything good and wonderful in this life but Himself. Learning to know that He is all we need is the real trick!

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