Monday, February 17, 2014

Love the Most

Today I'm supposed to write about what I think Daddy loves most about me. How do I know what he loves most? He isn't the type to go around saying, "I love this the most" about anything, so I decided I'd better just ask him. It was a good thing.

My guess at the answer before I asked Dad was that he loves that I'm there and that I love him back! HA! Not the strongest answer in the world.

So, when I did ask Dad, to his credit he couldn't pick one thing (of course!! I'm just so lovable!!). He said I'm smart, funny, "hotness" and a few other things. He might have mentioned that I am a good mom, which was quite nice to hear. I might have to wait til you are an adult, God-willing, until you decide to tell me I was a good mom. ;)

I don't think I could pick one thing I love most about your dad either. I could list a bunch of things, but I think that's a future post, so I won't do it here. But, I do hope we gross you out every now and again by loving each other well in your presence. =)

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