Thursday, February 27, 2014


Today's post is about my favorite trait of Daddy's.

I would have to say that he is faithful in every way and I love that. 

He's faithful to God and to his calling as a pastor, even though I don't think this would have been his first choice of job or location. He felt God calling us here and here we are. And here we will remain until we hear something different!

He's faithful to his wife and gets queasy when he hears about people cheating on each other. I can see it affects him negatively even to hear about it. That made him easy to trust and give my heart to. I know he's not chasing anyone but me.

He's faithful to his family! He works hard to make money and then he comes home to play with you, kiss me, and half the time cook dinner, too. (He's an amazing cook.)

So there you go! Your dad has all the elements that make a real man of God. I love him for many other things but the fact that I know he's here and he's not going anywhere...that's why I love him most of all.

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