Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Day in the Life

Describe a typical day in your current life.

Since going back to work, this prompt will be much easier. Working mom mode is a lot more about rhythm and schedule than stay-at-home mom mode was. There are parts I like and dislike about both. I would never say one is better, but they are certainly different.

I was recently encouraged to try waking a little earlier by some mom friends...to have some quiet time and not be dragged out of bed by a hungry toddler or the alarm after the fifth snooze button. So these days my day begins at 7am. You, my baby, were one of those 6am waker-uppers when you were a bit smaller, but thankfully no more!! I get up and try and read some Scripture, some news and make coffee before you and Dad get up.

Then we all get ready and head to work. I drop you off at Beth's house and no matter how sad you act or how much you say you want to stay home, when you see your friends at Beth's you take off running and never once look back to say goodbye. Which makes me smile because I'm SO thankful I can leave you in such amazing hands in the day.

Batman, Optimus Prime and Sir Calvin - Photo: Beth Thompson
Off Dad and I go to work and I do my job from 9-2, Monday through Thursday, then I swing around to pick you up! You're usually pretty happy to see me even though you express it with naughtiness sometimes.

We go straight home and climb in mama's bed to have our nap together. I wake you up after an hour or so and get you a snack. The time in between when you wake up from nap and when we start dinner is the only time I really get to be creative with you now that I'm back at work. At the moment you love to "play a game", "watch a show" or "paint", before we start dinner.

Ideally you help me with dinner, but some nights I plop you in front of Curious George. Sometimes you eat the dinner we make and sometimes you declare "all done!" before we've even sat down.

After dinner is a short play time before bath. You spend a nice amount of time playing in the bath so mama and daddy get a bit of a break if we are the one in charge of bath time. Then we wrestle you into pajamas and get you to your room for stories. Depending on how the evening has gone, you get 1-3 books read to you. You're liking longer and longer books these days which is kinda fun and kinda taxing at the end of a long day. :)

Bed time is somewhere between 8 and 8:30. You're a toddler so sometimes you go down quietly, but much of the time you need milk or you want to go to mama's room or something scared you. I'm super happy if you're actually asleep by nine! 

Then Daddy and I get to kick back a bit...the perfect evening at home would be some popcorn, some wine, and some Breaking Bad before reading ourselves to sleep around 11pm.

It's a charmed life and I'm glad it's mine!!

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