Monday, February 03, 2014

Sixteen Ain't the Top

I remember being 16. I remember thinking it was pretty darn awesome, and that I was pretty darn awesome, and that things were only going to get more awesome as time went on. These are all true. Sixteen was fun. But it wasn't the peak, thank God...

Here are ten things I would tell my sixteen year old self, if I could:

1. You will actually look forward to turning 30 and growing even older...don't listen to John Mellencamp when he tells you to "hold on to 16 as long as you can". Hold onto 16 for exactly one year, then move on!

2. You are a beautiful young girl. You don't need more makeup or less clothes to prove this. Relax and let your character be the attractive part of you (I see you rolling your eyes, young lady!! Don't worry, you will still struggle with this as you age.)

3. Stop scrubbing your face so hard and picking at it!! But continue to NOT wash your hair every day, even though it chagrins your mother. Everyone will find out you were right in a couple years. Also, enjoy your ridiculous metabolism, but start exercising as a good habit.

4. People-pleasing will only get more exhausting as you get older. Might as well break that habit now!

5. College is gonna be SO AWESOME! You have no idea.

6. Forgiveness that you have chosen is the right path. Keep on it. You are not what has happened to you. You are God's child and He is a God of forgiveness.

7. Just hush a little. I'm not saying don't assert yourself. I'm saying stop being such a're trying much too hard and people are afraid of you a little bit.

8. Go with your gut and don't look back. Mama taught you true.

9. Yes, you will fall in love with a lovely man, get married and have a kid. Be patient on that front.

10. God's way is the best way. Continue to go where you sense His leading and you will be just fine.

Godspeed, kid!

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