Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grow Up!

What's the hardest part of growing up?

Oh my son, so many hard parts about growing up. I could talk about the bills, the responsibilities, TAXES, my gosh, the taxes. 

But honestly the hardest part of growing up was realizing that I would never have quite exactly the same relationship with my family as I did when we were all living together in the same house and I was dependent on my parents for survival. 

Your Yaya and I say (semi-jokingly) that we grew up together and we had a very close relationship through the years, even when I was a teenager and I knew everything. *wink* I was just starting to feel like our family finally was gelling and getting along when it was time for me to leave. 

I went happily/sadly away to college, but I soon realized that things would never be the same. Right around that time, I would hear a song called "Mama's Hands" on a compilation of bluegrass songs I had and just sob and sob. 

One of the verses says, 

                                 As I looked back down that dusty road

To mama and her heavy load
I knew what I was leavin’ – I’d never find again
And it was hard to let go of mama’s hand
My mama’s hand

It was hard to let go of my Mama's hand, and the thought that someday you will have to let go of my hand is a little too much for your mama to think about right now!! (*sob sob*)

Mama n me

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