Sunday, February 23, 2014

Least Favorite/ Most Favorite

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about parenting?

Ah, so many things I could expound on!!

Let's start with least favorite: You're two. Soon you will be three. So this one comes to mind quickly...My least favorite is watching you willfully disobey me to see my reaction. Because we both know it isn't going to be fun for either one of us. I struggle to remember that it is part of your development and sometimes I take it personally.

My other least favorite that goes along with this is when my reaction to your testing comes from anger and frustration instead of a genuine desire to teach you and guide you. I hate seeing that side of myself, but I think it is important so I can work on it. Sorry you get to be the impetus and the guinea pig on this one.

But the favorites...well, the favorites will hopefully always outweigh the not-favorites!! Your smile, your laugh, your hugs and cuddles, your dancing, your singing, your talking, your learning!! I learn a little more about God every day in my imperfect love for you. He teaches me how much more I have to learn from Him, the ultimate parent. I learn just how much He loves us because I take my love for you and times it by infinity and it makes my head hurt but my spirit happy. epic daily struggle but a wonderful gift. Wouldn't trade it or you for anything in this world. 


Carly Sapp said...

Completely agree!

Cassie T. said...

Yay! Thanks for commenting Carly!