Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dream Job

What is your dream job, and why?
Argh, another hard one!! 

I think I find this difficult because my dream job would most honestly be "mother". And many times, no matter how much we say we value it, the western world at large doesn't truly uphold motherhood as it does other professions. But no matter.

Fortunately, the presence of you (my child) in this world means that I already have my dream job!! Raising you, loving you, teaching you what I know of the world, having your love in return...what could be better or more fulfilling than that?

I've never had any great and driving ambitions in the work force other than to be really, really excellent at whatever job I am doing at that moment. Motherhood (of both biological and adopted children) has long been my goal and life's ambition. I believe The Lord created me to be a mother and I pray that I can be the best mama I can be in His strength.

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