Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tiny Dancer

This one can be short and sweet...what is the one thing I wish I were great at? Dancing. More specifically: ballet!!

Ballet SJ dancer Ali Meijer, photo by RJ Muna.

Many little girls dream of being ballerinas, even stocky tomboy girls like me!! I am not too flexible and no one would describe me as lithe...due to my genes, my ballerina dreams were over as soon as they began. Working at Ballet San Jose was fun so that I could flit amongst the crowd of talented ballet dancers, and once in awhile get mistaken for one. ;) 

I dunno if Daddy will ever be convinced to let you take ballet, even though you love to dance, my little one! The great thing to remember is that you don't really have to be "good" at dancing to enjoy yourself...just get out there and shake your booty and have fun!

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