Monday, February 24, 2014

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

If you could have a dinner party with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

I feel like once again I should say Jesus. And that we would eat loaves and fishes or something. =) And of course, I'm dying to meet Jesus (har har)! But if it is a dinner party, I guess I could invite a group of people, so let's go with that! A nice cozy dinner party would be about six, I think.

For my entrance into the accelerated program in high school I answered a similar question with an essay on feminist/anarchist Emma Goldman. I still think she's an incredibly interesting figure, as any female anarchist from her era would be! I'd ask her how she thinks anarchism would look in the modern world. Also, it would be fascinating to hear what she and Jesus would say to each other. So that's two.

I think I would like to hear from Dietrich Bonhoeffer. That guy was so hard core, I think I would just hang on every word. I would ask him how to be bold in the face of fear. I would ask him if he would do anything differently if he knew how his life would end. I have a feeling I know the answer already, though.

Next on the guest list, I think I would love to hear from Harriet Tubman. I'd like to see how she and Emma get along, and I'm sure Harriet would enjoy talking to Dietrich. I'm sure she could regale us with some amazing stories of her time as "Moses", shepherding slaves to freedom.

Then how about Galileo Galilei? We need some real higher thinking at this party, and I think he's just the guy. I want to hear about how it feels to have the whole world (or at least the Catholic Church, which was practically the whole world) against you for something you know to be true.

And how about one more amazing female in the form of Amelia Earhart? I have not the least interest in aviation, but in mold-breaking females, I take a definite interest. I'd love to hear her stories, as well, and of course I'd ask her about what really happened when she disappeared on July 2, 1937.

What would we eat? Whatever we want!! I'm sure we'd barely touch our meals with all the spirited conversation! But how about some nice steaming hot bowls of pho, just to make everyone try something new.

Photo Credit: Initiales JB via Compfight cc

There you have it. Looking at the list, apparently I admire deep thinking gentlemen and spirited ladies. Sounds kinda like my marriage to Daddy! =)

Only five more blog posts to go in the in the 30 Day Challenge. If you're interested in joining me in this fun series, please feel free to post a link to your blog in the comments.

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