Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Domestic Disturbances & Pinterest Road Tests

Hey all!

I've been away for quite sometime. A lot has been happening, not least of which is this (in case you missed it):

Yep, we've found out we've got another baby boy on the way, so I'm about to get a lot busier in the coming months! Little one is due mid-November, and I can hardly wait to meet him. 

Kiddo #1 started preschool for a couple of half-days a week, and the little homebody has had a hard time adjusting. He also keeps getting sick, which is like a school tax for the body. Ugh. This week is a nice runny nose with no other symptoms...except him screeching at me every three seconds to wipe his nose. Kill me. 

However, in the midst of all that, this also happened:

He turned three and got to get Potty trained!!

This kind of gave me an idea, because a lot of people were asking about my crazy guerrilla method of going about it:

We literally just stayed on that tarp ALL DAY on day one of training. Cold turkey, no diapers, no Pull-ups (ok he wore one for twenty minutes but that's a long story...), lots of watered-down juice and small candy bribes. And stuff to keep him busy. And that hot pink potty he wanted.

I kept offering that watered-down juice (a friend reminded me I could have given him salty snacks to keep him thirsty!) all day, kept him only in his undies and never more than two feet from the potty. In the morning I put the timer on for every ten to fifteen minutes and made him just try to sit. He usually peed, at least a bit, and got a chocolate-covered raisin, or a Whopper, or a gummy bear for his efforts. He got a double-prize for #2. In the afternoon, he didn't even need the reminder of a timer...he started to really get it right away and started to go all by himself! The only accident we had on day one was when we went to get some celebratory ice cream and there wasn't a potty nearby (but there was a fountain. Running water and potty-training toddler = fail.)

It worked super-well. He had one accident the whole first day. Then a couple the next day. Then NOTHING for like four days. Completely clean and dry: long car trips, two & a half hour naps, and even a bouncy house later!! Then a bit of a regression, so we're not completely there. He still sometimes forgets about pooping when we're not at home. (Yuck). But for the most part, he's doing amazingly well! So I'm calling it a success. We'll have to tackle night time training when he wakes up dry for about a week in succession. I'm not going rush anything. For now, that's the only diaper he gets!

I learned about this method (where else?) on Pinterest. So the idea I had was to have a blog segment every so often road-testing stuff I've seen on Pinterest to see if it actually works as advertised!

So here's the pin to the method we basically used:

And I can say that it DEFINITELY WORKED for us!! DAILY-Approved. 

Hope to be on here a bit more often, but we'll see how I'm feeling. ;)

Until next time...

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