Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I got to play a worship set with my buddy Erin. She's very cool: she sings and plays the djembe (and a mean shaker egg)! We got to practice all week and harmonize and praise the Lord together for the rest of the congregation. It was awesome.

Then, I got to have lunch with some downtown friends. Since it was so chilly and damp, I wasn't the only one thinking it was time for some PHO! So we got together at San Pedro Square Market with five our lunch-lovin' friends and watched a little football and shared some laughs.

Tonight, we were able to have dinner with some intrepid friends of ours who are currently traveling the globe. My husband was the one to perform their wedding ceremony this past August on top of a mountain in Colorado. The couple have been home for less than a month since then!! Crazy kids. But I'm so glad we caught them on their way around. Tom and Beth are awesome together, and I cannot wait to meet their precious babies...whenever they decide to make some! I do know that they are both great with my baby, and he managed to sit still (somewhat) for nearly two hours while we visited, with minimal fussy outbursts.

A few days ago I commented how hard it is to make friends as adults. Now I'm looking around and thinking...hmm...I still manage to have a bunch of people whom I love and who at least tolerate my presence. (har har). That's the grace of God, right there. 

Love you guys!

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