Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is a catch-up post since I again missed a day. Trying to do this at holiday time is hard!

Last night we had a sort of "Friendsgiving", as I have heard it called. We got to host and hang out with our lovely friends and eat tacos made by my loving hubs and drink strawberry basil margaritas lovingly stirred by yours truly! So much love. We laughed and cried. Okay, it was just me crying at some YouTube video because I was laughing so hard my eyes started to burn a little!

I am so thankful for friends. It's really difficult and kind of awkward to make friends as an adult, and being a pastor and pastor's wife sort of adds to the awkward element in some ways. So the fact that we have folks to call friends and to have in our house and who see us in our pajamas and wrangling our kid and with dirty kitchen is nice. My heart is full.

Before any of that happened yesterday evening, though, the babe and I went out on the town and I caught a few snaps.

Every year, Christmas in the Park comes to San Jose, along with (somewhat inexplicably) a bunch of carnival rides that used to reside at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Calvin thought he would really love to ride the rides, and tried to break into one. Apparently he managed to open one of the entrance doors that hadn't been properly zip-tied closed...he was pretty mad at me for thwarting his plan. Oops.

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