Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Missed another day! D'oh! My computer lives on our desk in our room, and last night we had friends over for Monday Night Football. Therefore, since we only have one bedroom in our apartment, the baby slept in our room, and I wasn't able to get my hands on the computer to write a blog.

But enough excuses!

Besides Monday Night Football last night (GO NINERS!), Calvin and I had a meet and greet with some prospective customers. A group of moms in Palo Alto are looking for someone to come and teach a music class to their toddlers and I e-mailed them last week to sort of "apply". I've worked at Gymboree in the past, teaching music to toddlers. I've sung professionally in a band. I've taught private music lessons. I have a toddler of my own now. I am fairly qualified to do what they are asking!

So we went to meet this group of moms and kids and they were so delightful. I taught a truncated version of a class and the kids seemed to love it. Calvin got to come along with me and have class, which he thought was just great. Possibly not that different from our average afternoon at home, but it is good for him to be with other kiddos his own age.

Anyway, some extra money, socialization, and MUSIC!! Always music. And bubbles.

I am pretty sure that they have all agreed to the price I set and we are now just trying to coordinate schedules. But I think I got the gig! Yay.

Here are some snaps I took of the babe as we were half an hour early to our meet and greet.

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