Saturday, November 03, 2012


Before I had a kid, if you asked me what the acronym in my title meant, I would have had no idea. (I also would have thought it was a really clunky-looking acronym!)

However, now that I have seen the front lines of the mommy wars (back to work vs stay at home! Breast vs bottle! Co-sleeping vs crib! On and on!!), I know that SAHM is short for "stay at home mom": the least glamorous and possibly least appreciated job in America.

I will not go on and on about this issue because I cannot say anything that hasn't already been said in much more famous forums. The whole point of my post is that I was away from my boy for many hours yesterday (9:00am-2:30pm, conference with Chris and then 3:15pm-6:45pm work at Ballet on last minute Gala stuff).

And as much as I had fun at these forays out into the world of adults, I wouldn't trade it for my time at home with my kid...being snotted on, changing diapers, negotiating crankiness and the whole nine yards. Not a chance. I've found my calling as a Christian, wife and mother, and everything else in this whole wide world can take a backseat.

In the words of the prophet Nehemiah (6:3) while he was rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem:

"I am doing a great work and I cannot come down."

Because no one else in the world is as cute or loves and appreciates me as much as my two guys!

Thank you, Lord, for I know just where I belong. 

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