Sunday, November 18, 2012

La Nueva Vida

"You don't need a better life! You need a new one!" - Jason Helveston

I heard a great sermon today! I laughed, I cried, I was (hopefully) changed for the better. I was reminded that I don't need a better life. The Bible teaches that I was dead in my old life. You can't make a dead body better, so it is useless to try and fix up the "old me". I don't need a better life. I don't need my "best life now", or "the secret", or even an "Aha! moment". I needed a new LIFE! And I've got new life in Christ. I won't re-preach the sermon, don't worry, but this is a real thing going on in my life, and since the blog is called "The Daily Christian", you can't be too surprised!

Anyway, although I am constantly humbled and reminded what a horrible sinner I am, I am very grateful for good friends, a wonderful church body, and our great, great God.

Happy Sunday!

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