Thursday, November 01, 2012

(Un)Happy November!

I don't know why I think of sick days with such a nostalgic and glamorous glow...

I thought to myself, oh boy! It's raining! And I have a cuddly little baby with a bit of a temp and a bit of a cough, so we will stay in and drink hot drinks and watch Disney movies, which we have never done before! It sounds like a freakin' vacation!!

Well, reality of course is much less glamorous. My babe can't even sit through an episode of Sesame Street, so I don't know why I thought we would be watching Aladdin or something. I guess the fact that he doesn't like TV should please me a little more than it does at this very moment.

I'm currently listening to him howl as he resists a nap. Five minutes ago he pulled down his humidifier, breaking it irreparably and spilling a gallon or so of water all over a tight corner of our old Victorian apartment. All while in his crib...I really swear I moved that stupid humidifier out of his reach! It is my fault for buying the one that looks like an elephant. Far more tempting to play with than those beige affairs I should have purchased.

And when there is a gallon of water glugging over the floor, drenching toys and pillows and rugs and my pant hems in its wake, it is very difficult for me not to revert back to my sinful ways and start cussing up a storm and yelling at my curious toddler. I have to use my energy to channel all the lovely, calm and kind mothers I know, who would never lose their temper... (or at least in my imagination they wouldn't!) I inevitably have to apologize to my kid who, although he might not understand my frustrated words, certainly knows that they are directed at him. Lord help me.


Happy November?

Perhaps for the next week, whenever my boy does something naughty, I will envision this picture of him in my head...and then I cannot stay mad!

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