Friday, November 09, 2012

Yes, I Can!

So when I was nine months pregnant and publicly moaning and groaning about just being done already, I heard all these people talking about "savoring your last moments alone". A friend of mine even told me, "You'll never get to pee in peace again!" I thought she was exaggerating, I really did. ''

Then, I had a kid of my own. Now I know that the bathroom thing is all too true. Apparently I am not allowed to be out of my child's sight for more than three seconds at a time without him having a small panic attack in the form of loud cries and tears. To top it all off, our bathroom door in our apartment doesn't close properly, so I literally have to stick my foot out to block the door if I don't want small, uninvited guests to intrude on what really should be alone time!

I find myself saying, "You know what? Mommy is allowed to pee in peace! I am allowed to have two minutes to myself!"

Which makes me laugh when I hear myself defiantly declaring this to a 16 month old child.

But it got me thinking of what other concessions I make for myself to stay sane. I hope I'm not the only one who believes that Mommy is allowed to do some or all of the following on a fairly regular basis:

- eat an extra helping of dinner because I'm technically still breastfeeding!
- add spiced rum to my apple cider as "dessert"!
- have an extra cup of half-caf coffee in the middle of the afternoon to keep from falling asleep while playing with baby toys on the floor!
- take a shower at least every two days (okay, maybe make that three)!
- to forsake chores once in awhile and instead watch Netflix while my baby is napping!
- to eat all of his Halloween candy...he's too young for it anyway!
- put him to bed 15 minutes early because I'm just all done, and I can!
and yes, even to pee by myself. Or at least with the door closed while my baby screams on the other side.

Yes, I can!

And I can love my baby like crazy through all the madness of my day.

Yes. I can!


Deb said...

Ha ha love the comment about putting your baby to bed early...I do that with Lucy too - hey, she can't tell the time yet, if I say it's time for bed, it's time for bed! Sometimes you just have had ENOUGH by the end of the day, right?

Cassie T. said...

TOO right, Deb!