Monday, November 05, 2012

Mommy Fail

I have a confession to make: I really want to be a cool mom.

I want to be a big giant hippie mom and feed my kid only the best things for him.
I want to be the laid back mom and allow my kid to get really messy and learn while he does it.
I want to be the fun mom who comes up with amazing activities for my kid to try.
I want to be the wise and loving mom whose children respect and adore her and come to her with every little dream or hurt.

Of course, being a real mom, I realize that not every moment of every day is going to allow me to be all of these things at once. Sometimes I have to be firm mom, disciplinarian mom, the "bad guy", and the one who has to let her child fail sometimes so he learns. Beyond that, sometimes there are just moments of utter lack and failure.

For instance, this morning I left my coffee lying around and the baby got his hands on it and started parading around, proudly slurping the cold, stale brew. Great.

After he slept off the coffee buzz, I tried to go to the Children's Discovery Museum this morning and walked a mile and half only to realize that they are closed on Mondays. So, we just went back home and took a nap. Um, not so fun.

Even the coolest, most fun thing I did in the day started out as a failure: making baby paint. Don't know if I mixed it wrong or if the temperatures or proportions weren't right, but I ended up with a chunky mess instead of a lovely homemade concoction.

But perhaps the cool thing is that I tried. And really, the baby took the idea and ran with it and ended up having a great time in the bath with the chunky goop.

 I was actually surprised by how restrained he seemed to be. But I think he appreciated the effort on my part. Even if my project didn't turn out quite as cute as this cool mom's.

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