Saturday, November 17, 2012


I'm feeling very thankful this evening for many things: friends, yarn, family, music, candy, wine, husbands, babies, and LEGO! Yes, Legos and blocks are really big now at our house, even if it is just Chris and I who are most interested in building with them, while Calvin is more interested in knocking stuff down.

I think at this point in time Lego reveals much about the personality of each person in our house. Obviously, Calvin is in Destructo-Baby phase, so he likes knocking things down. Chris, the engineer, spends his time building sensible, symmetrical structures, and the occasional Star Wars character.

Meanwhile, I myself am into creating zany, Suess-like buildings that would make no sense or have any real use in normal life. 

Then again, sometimes my Type A personality shines through and I just have to categorize everything by color. Just because. Although, they are still in interesting shapes instead of just stacks...

Anyway, enough about Legos. 

Calvin got a visit from his great grandparents today, and although he was initially tentative (he hasn't seen them in four months...and when you're 16 months old, that's a long time!), he warmed very quickly and was soon reaching for Nana and dancing with Grandpa. Too fun. So thankful my grandparents can be a part of my son's life! What a blessing is family. 

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